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fotografia ślubna kraków
fotografia ślubna kraków fotografia ślubna kraków
fotografia ślubna kraków
fotografia ślubna kraków
fotografia ślubna warszawa
artystyczna fotografia ślubna
zdjęcia ślubne kraków
zdjęcia ślubne

Wedding photography wasn't quite what I originally planned for my professional career. Now I know I’m going to stick to it as I have found it to be the perfect space for realization of my creative potential plus it gives me tons of true satisfaction. We know just too well the common perception surrounding wedding photography as being of little artistic value and characterized by clichéd and pseudo-romantic motives. Such notion isn't encouraging for photographers nor makes the general audience of creative and artistic photography welcome and appreciate wedding photos. The wedding photography presented here is my personal effort in fighting against this stereotypical and misleading thinking. Wedding shots offer immense artistic potential and can be extremely rewarding for both the happy couple and the photographer but achieving the right results is exceptionally demanding. Wedding photography is a truly stimulating challenge fostering creativity, careful observation and requiring the ability to grasp these effervescent moments or emotions - a winner gets a perfect and unforgettable picture – here, things happen only once! – good photos reward photographers with the sense of fulfilment and real pleasure. In my wedding photography, I am trying to achieve the right balance by combining what is referred to as wedding photo-journalism and artistic wedding photography. Please take your time and visit my wedding photos gallery. I’ll be more than happy to discuss your photo expectations in person, in Krakow (I will happily join you for a little black or white cuppa), if such meeting is feasible at all, but because my photo activity is not limited by any miles or kilometres, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone.