fotografia ślubna kraków
fotografia ślubna kraków fotografia ślubna kraków


fotografia ślubna Kraków


Cracovian.  Born in 75.

Throughout a year he devotes most of his time to travelling: trekking in Himalayas, safari in Botswana, expeditions to Greenland, he is passionate about the ancient civilisations and loves visiting their ‘monuments’. Living in Krakow, he often hides in one of the cafés in Kazimierz, sitting relaxed in the corner he contemplates the surrounding world illuminated with the candlelight, composing his music…

Then he wakes up, wipes his eyes, from the distance of the room next door room he can hear the screaming voices of ‘his beloved three little ones’ which with the ultrasonic speed brings him back from his dreamt out journeys. So who is Pawel?

Q: How long have you been a professional photographer?

A: Since 2005.

Q: Your educational background?

A: I studied English, and I have worked as an English teacher for over a decade.

Q: Fields of interest?

A: Apart from photography, of course, that’s music - listening and composing (have a look at my official music website)

Q: And your private life?

A: Read the beginning and you’ll get an idea, rather hectic but I love it.

Q: Where can we learn about what you are up to?

A: Please visit my Facebook fanpage!